Sunday, January 22, 2006


So here I am on a sunday evening with nothing to do so I decided to write a blog (finally).

In genral there is not much going on in my life at the moment, unfourtunatly I lost my job and my drivers liscence in the same week (the first week of the year) and added to that my own stupidity and arrogance has led my closest friends away from me. So I sit here at home most of the time untill I have to go to class were I have arranged for someone to pick me up and bring me back home (ofcourse for a fee), or when one of my remaining friends comes to take me to the gym. other than that I havent really been getting out much. Anyhow that is not the topic i wish to discuss.

What I really wanted to post was about bieng single and your outlook on life and other peoples thaughts. So I am single and enjoy going out and doing things with my friends as most people do, slowly most of them got married or were already in a relationship; guess what that makes me? the odd one out. now I dont particulairly enjoy bieng that but its fine no problem right? the only problem I have is that everyone around me who is married wnats me to get married as well???? ok thats a problem people need to lay off. I'm not even dating anyone and you want me to get married? and they always "find" someone for me wtf I wasnt even looking who told you to do so? Its as if these people were lost and finnally they are rescueing me and finding these friends of friends who are recently or for any other reason single, ofcourse I have yet to see one of them that is halfway decent looking and with a good personality and not looking to just get laid or wasted. Yes, indeed somethimes I feel sorry for myself I'll admit it, but if I wanted anyone I would have taken ANYONE!!!

Thankfully they have stopped (ohh wait they just stopped talking to me), anyhow even when I'm wit single friends they always want to "hook" me up; "hook" yourself up first then come and talk to me. what people dont get is that that is not my problem, actully its the opposite (now I'm saying that women are flocking to my doorstep) I'm just saying that I have some sort of natural way about me unfourtunatly its not always a good thing people think I'm hitting on them whene I really have no interest in them at all. So lately I have been coaching my single friends on what to do, say and what not. Believe me this was not a self appointed position, I have been asked many a time to assist in such situations. most of the time I'll br asked "what do you think of her?" well as we all know each person has their own oppinion about the people hey are attracted to. My typical response is "if you like the way she looks then don't bother asking me", probably not the best thing to say becuase then they think that she is not attractive ... hold on here .. my oppinion doesnt have to change yours. I do try to give the best response and look at it from different angles and try to point out the good features but sometimes I just can't.

The worst part out of all this is the one person you are interested in ... you can't have!! aint life a bitch? ofcourse bieng as stubborn as I am, I presisted and forced my way and had it met half way. I recently lost it all due to my idiotic behaviour, so with this new year I turn a new leaf, hopefully I will bring myself to levals that I have never achieved before and humbly go through life and hopefully gain all what I lost and maybe just maybe get the one thing that I lost and means most to me.

wish me luck!!!


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good luck...

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